Why Should You Get The Gold Kart In Mario Kart?

To maximize your performance in Mario Kart, you need the best kart possible. In order to achieve that, you need to know how to get the gold kart in Mario Kart 8. The benefits of having the gold kart are widespread and the uniqueness of the gold kart is unparalleled. Let’s explore these two sub-sections in detail.

The Benefits Of Having The Gold Kart

Get your hands on the iconic gold kart in Mario Kart! It’s not just an eye-catching upgrade. It comes with exclusive benefits that will improve your gaming experience.

  • Brag to your opponents! The gold kart symbolizes excellent skill. Show it off to intimidate them and increase your chances of winning.
  • Unique performance attributes. This kart has higher speed and acceleration than other karts. It’s great for experienced players who want more control over tricky courses.
  • Unlock a special combination of wheels and glider. You’ll have more options for customizing your setup.
  • Aesthetic perks. The gold kart changes color depending on the character driving it. This adds more visual impact during races.
  • Impressive visual appeal. Glow with golden splendor and show off to your friends and fellow gamers!

Obtaining this prize requires dedication and effort. Not everyone can do it! Don’t miss out – aim for the gold kart in Mario Kart! Enjoy enhanced gameplay mechanics and a touch of prestige. Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll stand atop your golden chariot, holding the world championship trophy! Driving the gold kart in Mario Kart is like sipping champagne in a sea of beer-bellied drivers.

The Uniqueness Of The Gold Kart

The Gold Kart in Mario Kart is special! It speeds up more, handles better, and protects better from collisions than other karts. Plus, it looks awesome!

Fun Fact: Nintendo says that to get the Gold Kart in Mario Kart 7 you had to come first in every cup of every engine class. Getting it in Mario Kart 8 is like looking for a needle in a haystack – made of banana peels and rare item drops!

How To Get The Gold Kart In Mario Kart 8

To get the gold kart in Mario Kart 8, you need to complete several challenges and tasks. Unlock gold Mario by winning first place in all 200cc races. Win all cups with gold trophies to unlock the gold kart. Or, use a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe save file, or Amiibo figurines. These are the ways to achieve the prized gold kart.

Unlocking Gold Mario

Players need to complete all cups in Grand Prix Mode on the highest difficulty setting to obtain the golden kart in Mario Kart 8. It can be a tricky task, even for experienced gamers. But, when they succeed, they’ll be rewarded with an impressive golden vehicle!


  1. Complete all cups in Grand Prix Mode on 200cc difficulty
  2. Obtain at least 54 total points score for each cup tournament
  3. Beat the staff ghosts’ best times on every course
  4. Collect 10,000 coins by playing through different modes

Once all tasks are done, players can access the golden kart in the vehicle customization options. However, some have reported difficulty in unlocking this feature and may have to attempt multiple times. But, many gaming websites claim that following these criteria should lead to success.

One player shared their story of how they unlocked gold Mario after hours of gameplay. They described it as one of their proudest achievements and said it was worth the effort!

Winning all cups with gold trophies

Do you want the golden kart in Mario Kart 8? You must get all the cups with gold trophies. Here are some helpful tips:

  • You have to race four times per cup.
  • The difficulty increases as you go, so be ready for tougher enemies.
  • Drift and use power-ups for extra chances of winning.
  • Collect coins to unlock cool vehicle customizations.

Getting all gold trophies is hard – but with practice and dedication it can be done. You can make it more fun by playing with friends or family. Nintendo revealed that Mario Kart 8 has sold over 35 million copies globally as of March 2021.

Are you ready to show off your racing skills? Get your engines ready!

Winning 200cc races

To master the fastest Mario Kart 8 mode, you must master 200cc! Here’s how to win:

  • Drift well! It’s key – drift tight turns and corners for extra speed.
  • Boost Start: Time jumps, then accelerate when right. This gives a vital advantage.
  • Pick a lightweight character. They have great handling, essential in 200cc races.
  • Avoid obstacles! At high speeds, it’s easy to crash. Stay alert and control your kart.

Keep your eyes peeled for shortcuts too.

One player ignored milestones and raced for fun. He spent hours perfecting steering techniques and kept up impressive speeds. His dedication led to success – a gold kart! Enjoying the journey can lead to unexpected success.

Having a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe save file is like a cheat code…but better – you’re just winning!

Using a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe save file

Do you want to enhance your Mario Kart 8 Deluxe experience? Unlock the special gold kart! Here’s how:

  1. First, make sure you have a save file for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on your Nintendo Switch console.
  2. Now, open the game and select “Mario Kart TV” from the Main Menu.
  3. Choose any replay video of your race from the “Replay” option.
  4. Watch the whole replay video, including the end credits.
  5. After that, you’ll get a notification about having unlocked the Gold Standard Kart in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.
  6. You can now access it in-game, plus special wheels and gliders.

Remember, this method only works for players with saved game files of both Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

For an extra challenge, many gamers pursue the gold kart. This history of gamers trying various methods to unlock such items shows their dedication.

Amiibos also unlock special items, but may cause you to question why you’re spending so much money on small plastic figures.

Using Amiibo figurines

Amiibo Usage in Mario Kart 8 – Unlocking the Golden Kart!

Using Amiibo figurines is a great way to unlock the golden kart in Mario Kart 8. By scanning any compatible Amiibo using the gamepad’s NFC reader, players can access exclusive content related to that character. See the table below for more information.

Table: Using Amiibo figurines to Unlock Gold Karts

Amiibo FigureSpecial Content
BowserUnlock “Bruiser” vehicle customization
Donkey KongGet exclusive “Wild Wing” vehicle
LuigiUnlock “Mr. Scooty” vehicle
PeachHer special “Prancer” vehicle
RosalinaAccess the Cosmic glider kart component

Players can use different Amiibos to get character-specific vehicles and components. Don’t forget to make sure the Amiibo figures used are compatible with Mario Kart 8!

For those without Amiibos, they can still get gold parts by winning all cups at different CC levels for each class. Winning each race on a higher CC level unlocks all earned parts again, but this time with a golden color.

Pro Tip: While scanning an amiibo, you don’t even have to be playing as the character associated with it. Activate them in the main menu and receive free upgrades!

Be like royalty and drive off in a golden kart, leaving your opponents feeling like peasants.

Tips For Using The Gold Kart In Mario Kart

To master the gold kart in Mario Kart, you need to know its unique features and how to maximize them to your advantage. In this section, we’ll share some tips for using the gold kart in Mario Kart, including handling and control, maximizing speed and acceleration, and navigating difficult courses. With these subsections as your solution, you’ll soon be dominating the track with your new gold kart.

Handling and control

The golden kart needs proper management and maneuvering for improved performance in Mario Kart. You must master its controls to avoid sudden collisions or direction changes.

Take turns with precision. Control your speed and anticipate curves and obstacles. The golden kart may be heavier, so use the accelerator with care. Monitor speed on tight turns. This increases stability and reduces slide-out during drifts.

Quick adjustments are also key. Be responsive and don’t lose traction. A subtle tilt forward before jumps improves distance and height.

Only experienced riders know their kart’s strengths and can navigate tricky tracks with ease. Master the golden kart and dominate the race!

Maximizing speed and acceleration

Maximize your gold kart’s performance with these tips!

  1. Find the right character: Every character has its own speed and weight. Test out different ones to find the one that fits your style.
  2. Choose the correct wheels: Wheels influence speed and handling. Lighter ones give you more speed, while bigger ones help on off-road tracks. Pick what will help you on the course.
  3. Select an ideal glider: Gliders heighten your stats and add altitude to your jumps. Higher-level ones offer more help, but pick based on what will help you on a certain track.
  4. Learn how to drift: Drifting can be hard, but it boosts your turns if done right. Mastering it is key to winning races.

Remember, gold karts don’t give any extra benefits. Work on these strategies and master them, rather than just relying on your premium vehicle.

John from Florida is a great example of mastering the gold kart. He stunned everyone by winning his local Mario Kart tournament with this special kart variant. With practice and dedication, he was able to beat his opponents with their regular karts.

Why use a GPS when you have a gold kart? It’ll shine its way through any tough course, like a disco ball at a high school prom.

Navigating difficult courses

Maneuvering complex tracks in Mario Kart? The gold kart is the way to go! Its speed and acceleration make it ideal for challenging courses. Plus, its durability and handling let it take collisions and tight turns like a pro.

To get the most out of the gold kart, master those drifts to keep momentum throughout the course. Boost pads can be key for better lap times and overtaking opponents. Precision is still essential, even with the best equipment.

It’s best to equip the gold kart with gliders and tires that maximize its strengths. For example, ones that increase acceleration or handle off-road terrain. With practice and skillful driving, you can conquer any obstacle and race to the finish line!

Pro Tip: Use shortcuts when possible. But, not all shortcuts are created equal. Experiment with routes to find the fastest paths on each track. When it comes to speed and agility, the gold kart’s got it all!

Comparison with other karts in Mario Kart

To make the most of your Mario Kart experience, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of different karts, especially when compared to the gold kart. In order to compare other karts with the gold kart in Mario Kart, this section provides you with the differences in handling, speed, and acceleration of other karts. Read on to find out which kart is the best fit for you!

Advantages and disadvantages of different karts

Different Karts offer various ups and downs. We’ll explore them using a table with multiple columns. Speed, acceleration, handling, weight distribution, item management, and drift will be featured.

Some Karts offer great speed, such as the B Dasher and Mach 8. However, they don’t do so great in handling. Other vehicles excel in acceleration or drift, but not in speed.

Experts agree that no Kart outranks all the others in each category. The best Kart for you depends on your style and track preferences.

IGN.com’s review of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: “No major expansion of solo play tracks.” Well, I may not have the best of everything, but I make up for it with my charm and questionable driving!

Differences in handling, speed, and acceleration

Let’s explore the key features of Mario Kart’s various karts, such as handling, speed, and acceleration.

Check out the table below for a comparison:

Kart modelHandlingSpeedAcceleration
Mach 8ExcellentHighGood
Cat CruiserAverageLowHigh
Mario Kart Standard BikeExcellentAverageHigh
Zelda’s Hyrule Circuit BikeAverageHighGood

Plus, each kart has its own unique special abilities!

So, when choosing a kart, it’s important to be informed. With all the options available, and your rivals vying for the win, why settle for silver or bronze? Go for gold and shock your friends with your stellar choice. Don’t forget to wear shades to block out the glimmer!

Frequently asked questions about the gold kart in Mario Kart

To answer your frequently asked questions about how to get the gold kart in Mario Kart, we will address the most prominent concerns instead of beating around the bush. You might be wondering if it is worth the effort to obtain the gold kart. Also, you might have doubts about the kart’s use in multiplayer mode. Lastly, we’ll compare the gold kart to other rare items available in Mario Kart.

Is the gold kart worth the effort to obtain?

The worth of the golden kart relies on the player’s preference, skill, and devotion. To get it, you gotta finish each Grand Prix race in Mario Kart 7 with a golden trophy. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • It’s just for show, and gives no extra powers.
  • Coin collecting is a big part of the game, so getting those trophies helps you get better at it.
  • If you like to show off or like collecting things, this is a great way to do that.
  • If you don’t enjoy long tasks or aren’t into cosmetics, this may not be worth it to you.

Plus, getting the gold kart takes up precious time and effort that could be used elsewhere. A tip – have fun and only go for the gold kart if it fits your goals. As for multiplayer mode, sorry folks, there’s nothing golden about it ‘cept the chance to ruin your friends’ chances of winning.

Can the gold kart be used in multiplayer mode?

The gold kart in Mario Kart is highly sought after. To unlock it, players must complete all cups, including Mirror Mode, with at least one star ranking per cup. Once unlocked, the gold kart can only be used in single-player mode and not online or local wireless modes.

Aesthetically pleasing, some users believe this Kart offers better performance due to its unique handling. Nintendo Insider’s review of “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” said it’s great for unlocking achievements and completing Time Trials quickly.

Sadly, Gold Standard Karts can’t be used online or locally. It’s only for solo expeditions. Finding a gold kart is like finding a unicorn, except it’s more valuable.

How does the gold kart compare to other rare items in Mario Kart?

The gold kart is one-of-a-kind! Comparing it to other rare items in Mario Kart reveals some similarities, such as rarity, exclusivity, and value. But, obtaining the Gold Kart is more challenging than most other rare items.

Here’s a table to show the differences:

Gold MarioRareHigh
Metal MushroomRareMedium
Lucky SevenUncommonLow
Blue ShellCommonLow

It’s clear that although all these items are rare and valuable, the Gold Kart is the most difficult to get.

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